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Inversion Addict Academy


176 kananaskis way, canmore, t1w3e4, CA


Hey BT team,

My name is LJ, and for the next few days, I am offering $1 full access to Inversion Addict Academy (IAA) using the code “STAYAVTIVE”.

From the comfort of your home, you can learn your very first headstand all the way to handstand. Geared for the beginner, this is a perfect time to learn something new, and with IAA you have all the lessons you need to get started in one place.

The regular monthly subscription is only $9, It is one of our main goals to make learning this skill affordable for everyone. I truly believe that learning my first headstand changed my life by proving to me that it was never too late to learn something new. I had no idea what I was capable of until I had truly tried!

IAA has everything I have learned over the past 5 years of practice and if you would like to see more of my work check out my Instagram page @TheInversionAddict
My partner Jeremy and I have another business called Ever Media. We worked primarily with restaurants in the Bow valley on expanding their social media presence. After 3 strong years with our best month just recently, that business has completely collapsed due to Covid-19.

So although we created IAA to give back.. it has quickly become our future.

I am so confident I can teach anyone how to learn their first headstand, so even if it’s just some of your team members, I would love to help you learn something new.

I will link again here my IG and website

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theinversionaddict/?hl=en
IAA: https://inversionaddict.academy/
email: Inversionaddict.com

Thank you for your time,