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Dragon’s Lair Burger Co


Our dedicated staff want to keep working and to provide the same quality product as we always have. Our staff have rolled with the punches these last few weeks and have done such an amazing job keeping up with demand and the high level of sanitation of our work surfaces and the surfaces you touch to keep us all safe.

We offer call ahead and pick up service 587-349-4376 and get 10% off your order or delivery through our Doordash platform that promotes a safer delivery experience for all – and all orders are now left on your doorstep for you to collect after our delivery driver has departed.

We opened our doors in December 2013 and in 2015 became the Alberta Burger Fest Champion! In 2016, we placed 3rd in the Alberta Burger Battle and in 2018, we took first again!

We support our local economy and source our 100% lean ground Alberta Beef locally. We always have, and always will, press our patties in-store fresh! Our patties contain no fillers and are 100% gluten free. We serve our burgers on one of four buns: White D’taliano, white or multi-grain gluten free (both from Care Bakery) and our Keto Almond Flour bun.

We have a dedicated fry fryer so all of our fries and poutine’s are gluten free!

TACOS and what?
YES! We have soft tacos! Mozza Sticks, Deep Fried Mac & Cheese and more! Check us out!