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Clean O2


1155 L 44th Ave S.E., Calgary, T2G 4X4, CA


CleanO2, a Calgary company, is supporting the Mustard Seed during the COVID-19 crisis with a large donation of environmentally friendly liquid hand soap.
CleanO2 wasn’t always a “soap company”, says company CEO and co-founder Jaeson Cardiff. We started as the world’s first microscale carbon capture company before we got into the soap business.
What does soap have to do with capturing CO2 from buildings you ask? CleanO2’s carbon capture units (called “CARBiN-X™”) use a chemical process to convert significant amounts of CO2 captured from heating system exhaust into a stable carbonate used in soaps and detergents.
CleanO2 has partnered with a natural bar soap maker in Calgary and an Edmonton based liquid hand soap manufacturer to produce the world’s first bar and liquid hand soaps containing permanently sequestered carbon. The Edmonton partner also makes laundry and carwash detergents for CleanO2.
CleanO2’s mandate is to be an environmentally and socially responsible company. Cardiff says they’re committed to helping mitigate the impact of the current pandemic in their community and decided a good way to do that was to donate over 100 litres of CleanO2’s liquid hand soap to the Mustard Seed. “We all know one of the best ways to stem the spread of COVID-19 is to wash our hands frequently” says Cardiff. “There’s a serious shortage of liquid hand soap out there so we wanted to get some of our soap into the hands of those who need it.” Donald Lloyd, Director of Facilities at the Mustard Seed said “the shortage of personal hygiene products like hand soap is making it more challenging to obtain these supplies, so we we’re grateful to receive all of this liquid hand soap from CleanO2. We have shelters operating in five cities in Alberta and B.C. and this supply will help to ensure we can maintain the level of hand hygiene required to keep our guests safe.” The hand soap is being delivered to the Mustard Seed today and will be distributed between their shelters as needed.
If you’d like to learn more about CleanO2, its carbon capture units or its soap products, you can visit them at www.cleano2.ca .