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Wednesday, July 17th

Today on BT!

      • 6:50am
        Dr. Paul Kubes
        New Cell Discovered That Can Heal Hearts. U of C Researchers have discovered a new cell that can heal hearts. We find out how this fundamental discovery could lead to new treatments for patients.
        Video: New Cell Discovered That Can Heal Hearts
        More info: cumming.ucalgary.ca
        Twitter: @UCalgaryMed
        Instagram: @ucalgarymed
      • 7:50am
        Jamie Clarke
        Tech Time Out. Calgary adventurer Jamie Clarke has summitted Mount Everest twice. He’s climbed the Seven Summits. He’s crossed Arabia’s Empty Quarter on a camel. Now Jamie’s heading to Mongolia for his toughest challenge yet: getting his teenage son to put down his phone for a month. Jamie explains to Ted Henley how he’ll get his teenager to take a Tech Time Out.
        Video: Tech Time Out
        More info: Jamieclarke.com
        Facebook: @JamieClarke
        Twitter: @jc_climbs
        Instagram: @livingoutthere
      • 8:05am
        Kendra Scurfield
        Hiking Sunshine Meadows. Sunshine Meadows has been rated Canada’s number one day hike. We found out why.
        Video: Hiking Sunshine Meadows
      • 8:20am
        Bahar Niramwalla
        Summer beauty essentials. Beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla brings us the summer beauty essentials that will have us beating the heat this year.
        Video: Summer beauty essentials
        Twitter: @BaharNiramwalla
        Facebook: @BaharNiramwallaBeautyExpert
        Instagram: @baharniramwalla
      • 8:40am
        Winston Sih
        Travel Like A Vip. Are you missing out on travel perks? Practical tips and tricks to travel like a VIP.
        Video: Travel Like A Vip