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Wednesday, August 14th

Today on BT!

      • 6:50am
        Tom Keenan
        Protecting ourselves from hackers. Technology expert and author Tom Keenan gives us the latest on what’s being done to protect our data from hackers as he just returned from a pair of conferences aimed at preparing for the next cyberattack.
        Video: Protecting ourselves from Hackers

      • 7:50am
        Alayna Fender
        Back to School Bullet Journaling. Youtuber and mindful compassion teacher Alayna Fender shows us how to bullet journal with Crayola products to make the transition back to school easier for the kids this year.
        Video: Back to School Bullet Journaling
        More info: crayola.ca
        Facebook: facebook.com/crayolacanada
        Youtube: Crayola
        Twitter: @crayola
      • 8:20am
        Matthew Batey
        Summer Feast! Chef Matthew Batey brings us a taste of the fine dining experience you can get around Calgary at Summer Feast.
        Video: Summer Feast!
        More info: summerfeast.ca
        Facebook: facebook.com/summerfeastyyc
        Instagram: @summerfeastyyc/