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Tuesday, July 16th

Today on BT!

      • 6:50am
        Isabelle Couture
        The Zero Waste Festival. Is the idea to make Calgary plastic-free too pie in the sky? Ted Henley finds out about a new festival hopes to make the impossible, possible.
        Video: The Zero Waste Festival
        More info: plasticfreeyyc.com
        Twitter: @plasticfreeyyc
        Instagram: @plasticfreeyyc
      • 7:50am
        Mark Tewksbury and Alex Arthur
        Special Olympics Global Day of Inclusion. Olympian Mark Tewksbury along with Special Olympics Athlete Alex Arthur spoke about their involvement in the Special Olympics Global Day of Inclusion.
        Video: Special Olympics Global Day of Inclusion
        More info: timhortons.com
        Twitter: @timhortons
        Twitter: @SpecialOCanada
      • 8:20am
        Dr. Monique Jericho
        Independence and your teen in the summer. Sending your kid to summer camp? What parents should talk to their child about before they go.
        Video: Independence and your teen in the summer
        Twitter: @jericho424
      • 8:40am
        Lori Gibbs
        Bachelorette Review. Former Calgary Flames defenceman Mike Commodore shows off his pancake flipping skills to Ted Henley as Mike gets ready for the Celebrity Pancake Challenge to feed hungry kids.
        Video: Bachelorette Review
      • Amber has all the Stuff You Should Do:

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