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Show Notes

Thursday, August 8th

Today on BT!

Wednesday, August 7th

Today on BT!

Tuesday, August 6th

Today on BT!

Friday, August 2nd

Today on BT!

Amber has all the Stuff You Should Do around Calgary this week:

Calgary International Blues Festival

7th Annual Floating Lantern Peace Ceremony

Saturdays in C-Square

Inglewood Sunfest

Thursday, August 1st

Today on BT!

      • 6:50am
        Constable Andrew Fairman
        The Law and Impaired Driving. It’s been more than six months since changes to the impaired driving law were implemented. As we head into the long weekend, things you should know before getting behind the wheel.
        Video: The Law and Impaired Driving
        More info: alberta.ca/impaired-driving
      • 7:50am
        Cheryl Bernard
        All-Stars for Kids. There are thousands of children and youth in and around calgary who have been impacted by mentoring. Cheryl bernard, olympic medalist in curling and ceo of canada’s sports hall of fame is here to tell us about an exciting new program supporting big brothers and sisters
        Video: All-Stars for Kids
        More info: allstarsforkids.ca
        Facebook: facebook.com/BBBSCalgary
        Twitter: @bbbscalgary
      • 8:20am
        Adam Delorey
        Comedian gets a new heart. Comedian Adam Delorey explains how he got a heart transplant and has returned to the stage this summer.
        Video: Comedian gets a new heart
        Twitter: @Adam_Delorey
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