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    • Q: How do I get a birthday announcement on BT Celebrations?
      A: Celebrating a birthday? Please send your pictures and information to us really, really early! It is best to send in your pictures one month in advance. Please do not call – this will not speed up or help the process.
      Although we cannot guarantee your submissions will make it to the air due to the high volume of entries, all of your celebrations are important to us and we thank you for sharing your special moments with us.
      Please use our BT Celebrations page.


    • Q:I won something! How do I claim my prize?
      A: All prize winners must pick up their prizes within 7 days of winning from our offices at:
      City – BT Calgary
      535-7th Avenue SW
      Calgary AB
      T2P 0Y4
      – unless otherwise instructed.
      Prizes can not be mailed out to winners.
      Prizes can be picked up Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.
      You risk the chance of not getting your prize if you come to pick up your prize outside of these stated hours.


    • Q: How do I send mail to my favourite on air personalities?
      A: You can reach us through our Contact Us page.


    • Q: How do I get a copy of a BT Calgary story?
      A: Unfortunately we do not have a dubbing service. In order to obtain a DVD copy of a story or segment from Breakfast Television please forward as much information as possible in regards to the segment, such as:Date and approx time the segment aired.
      Name of person interviewed or product mentioned.
      Was the segment live on location or was it held in our studio?*Please note there is a cut-off period of 60 days from when the segment aired, in which to request a copy.

      On approval of your request, BT will release a copy of a story or segment for you personal viewing only. Please note that any video provided to you by BT Calgary is for personal viewing and company archive use only. The video cannot be used for sales or promotional use, no posting on websites or for re-broadcast on any medium.

      There is a $105 dubbing charge per segment requested, and you will be required to sign a “Programming Release Form” prior to receiving a DVD dub of your requested segment. For a copy of the release form, click here.

      All dub requests are subject to approval. Processing time is between 1 – 2 weeks.
      Please forward your request through our Contact Us page Dub Requests – Calgary.


    • Q: What is City’s main switchboard number?
      A: For City Calgary’s telephone and address information, please see our contact us page.


    • Q: Help! I can’t get BT Calgary’s live stream on the City Video mobile apps! What happened to it?
      A: The live stream is located on the homepage of https://www.btcalgary.ca between 5:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. It is responsive and works on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices. Happy viewing!



  • Q: I need some help or advice that I can not find here, is there another source of information I can access with a specific question?
    A: Yes we do! For answers please see our special Troubleshooting Guide here or send a detailed email with your request to our Help line here.