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Take a look at some of the events happening in and around Calgary!


It’s summertime in Calgary.  And as you’re deciding which destination to visit on your vacation, Calgary’s homeless population are facing a very different problem: heatstroke, sunstroke, sunburn, dehydration and more.

Breakfast Television is teaming up with the Mustard Seed to collect and distribute summer survival items to ensure they are safe in the summer heat. Drop off your donations at any of the locations below, and help us support Calgary’s homeless this summer.

You can also add $5 to your bill, and Greta will give you $5 back in a gift card for your next visit!

Visit theseed.ca to learn more about this campaign, and the incredible work the Mustard Seed does every day.

Alternatively, you can add $5 on your bill at Greta Bar, and Greta will give you a $5 gaming for the next time you come in!

Donation locations:

  • Greta Bar @ 213 10 Ave SW
  • CITY TV @ 535 7th Ave SW
  • Mustard Seed 102 Building @ 102 11 Avenue SE

Much needed items:

      1. New underwear
      2. Sunscreen
      3. Reusable water bottles
      4. Baseball caps / hats
      5. Lip balm / chap stick

Basic statistics about the Mustard Seed:

  • As many as 40% of their guests have jobs, but cannot afford a place to live.
  • Number of meals served in 2018 at YYC Shelter: 318,023
  • Average number of Support Centre guests/month (YYC): 1,089
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