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Leah Sarich – Health Specialist: Jaw Pain

Leah Sarich | posted Monday, Aug 19th, 2013

Do you get regular headaches? Neck pain? There are many things that can cause this type of pain but one cause that is often overlooked is the jaw.

I spoke with Orthodontist Dr. Sam Daher who says the muscles of mastication or chewing muscles run up the side of the head and down the neck. And if these muscles get overworked, like any muscles in the body after a workout, there can be a build up of lactic acid that causes pain in these areas. And these muscles can be easily overworked.

If you clench or grind your teeth, if your bite is off, if you have a small jaw … all these situations can cause jaw muscle fatigue. Dr. Daher says people with this kind of pain should avoid chewing gum for more than 10 minutes a day. He also says chewing your fingernails can be particularly hard on these muscles. Even putting your chin in your hand and leaning on a desk or table while you work at your computer or watch TV can overwork those muscles.

Dr. Daher says for those with chronic pain in the jaw area, a trip to the orthodontist may be necessary. Your orthodontist may recommend you get your bite fixed with braces or Invisalign. This process takes on average about 18 months. If you are still experiencing pain after your bite has been fixed you may require jaw surgery to reset the jaw.

Bottomline, if you’re experiencing headaches and neck pain make sure you explore muscle fatigue in the jaw area because there is no need to live with pain.

Leah Sarich – Health Specialist: Healthy Food Options at Stampede 2013

Leah Sarich | posted Tuesday, Jul 9th, 2013

Of course there are the corndogs and minidonuts, and who doesn’t love those at Stampede? But if you’re also looking for some healthy options, there are a few!

I went down to Stampede Park with Registered Dietitian Kristyn Hall. She recommends eating a good breakfast first to lay a nice foundation in your tummy and then sharing all treats with friends to reduce your portion size.

One of the new options on the midway this year is Wrap Daddy’s. This is a nice rolled tortilla filled with a protein choice, vegetables and topped with a bunch of fun stuff. Hall says if you ask for less oil with your chicken or beef, half the cheese and sourcream, this is a great option! Hall was very impressed with how you can customize your meal.

Hall also liked Idaho Taco, another new stand this year. This is a baked potatoe with taco fixings. Once again, if you customize and have the potatoe without the liquid cheese and go easy on the real cheese and sourcream, it’s a wonderful food choice. I tried this one, and the salsa is amazing with just the perfect amount of heat. I’m not alone in liking this, Idaho Taco won Stampede’s Best New Food of 2013.

Other healthy food choices include the Noodle Bar, the Hidden Valley salad bar where you can get a salad for a dollar and keep the container as well as the smoothie and frozen yogurt stands. To drink, consider the small size Lemonade.

Hall says remember to share with a friend and enjoy!

For more information on new food at Stampede and where it’s located: Stampede Fun Food

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