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BT Book Club – My Name is Lucy Barton

Leah Sarich | posted Thursday, Jan 19th, 2017


Hello and Welcome to the BT Book Club!!

I couldn’t be more excited about this! I can’t wait to share my love of reading with all of you. We are partnering with Allison Streit from the Calgary Public Library who is a fellow book lover. Allison will do her regular monthly segment on Breakfast Television and then following that visit we’ll have our BT Book Club chat on Facebook Live.

Allison and her colleagues at the Library have chosen My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout as our first book. If you don’t know this author, she’s an American novelist most famous for her Pulitzer Prize winning book Olive Kitteridge. You might know the name of this book because HBO¬†turned it into a miniseries starring Frances McDormand. (This miniseries is amazing, by the way, and a must-watch if you haven’t already.)

My Name is Lucy Barton is Elizabeth Strout’s fifth novel, a New York Times Bestseller. It’s a mother daughter story. It starts with Lucy Barton hospitalized with an infection, a complication from a routine surgery. Her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in years, comes to visit her. The two revisit Lucy’s difficult childhood that was filled with poverty and abuse. Growing up, Lucy’s main source of solace was in books and she quickly realized she wanted to be a writer. As soon as Lucy was able she fled her childhood home and years later this hospital visit from her mother allows them to reconnect.

I’m just a few chapters in but the first chapter is one of the best I’ve ever read, and I’ve read many! So far, My Name is Lucy Barton is very accessible, thoughtful and compelling! Delighted to hear what you think!

I’ll post again closer to our chat date with specific times and how you can weigh in! Happy reading!