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World Diabetes Day

Leah Sarich | posted Monday, Nov 14th, 2016


It’s World Diabetes Day. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, one in three Canadians has diabetes or prediabetes and these numbers are only going to go up as our population ages. Diabetes is a chronic disease that is challenging for patients to manage. Endocrinologist Dr. Doreen Rabi says she sees her patients struggling to manage their blood sugars, administering insulin, tracking diet and exercise and watching stress levels. She says if diabetes is not managed properly patients are at risk for serious complications like kidney disease, heart disease and lower limb amputation.

So Dr. Rabi and her research team are working to develop some new technology that can help. They see patients using current technology like fitness or diet trackers along with the blood sugar monitoring devices but these technologies do not talk to each other to distill the important information. Dr. Rabi says patients often get frustrated by this and stop using the devices. So, Dr. Rabi and her team are working with computer science specialists to see if they can come up with a piece of technology that will either gather all the relevant information or allow the current technologies to share information. Her researchers are currently talking with patients and their care providers to determine which information is the most crucial. They hope to have an application that they can test on current diabetes patients by next year.

For more information on diabetes visit this website.