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Eat Well See Well

Leah Sarich | posted Wednesday, Oct 28th, 2015


October is Eye Health Month and one of the best ways to maintain eye health and prevent disease is to eat well. Optometrist Farrah Sunderji says she encourages patients to get lots of nutrients from their diet… things like lutein, vitamins A,C,D and E and beta carotene. The best ways to get these nutrients from your diet include eating dark leafy greens like kale, half a cup a day, orange vegetables like orange bell peppers, sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin as well as berries and cold water fish like salmon. Eggs should be added to your diet too. Sunderji says eating this balanced diet will help prevent diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.

Sunderji also says those at high risk of macular degeneration should take an eye vitamin and that they should ask their optometrist about this supplement at their annual visit. Sunderji says make sure to include Omega 3s in your diet as well. She says we get enough Omega 6 and 9 through our diets, but Omega 3 is the best for the eye because it acts like an anti-inflammatory. And she warns getting enough Omega 3 may mean taking a supplement.

Sunderji says along with a healthy diet, lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on eye health. She recommends quitting smoking, getting 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day, wearing sunglasses year round and getting your eyes checked each year by an optometrist.

For more information about eye health visit this website.


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