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Headrest Campaign

Leah Sarich | posted Wednesday, Oct 22nd, 2014


As much as we don’t want to think about it in Calgary, the cold weather is coming soon. And that means snow and dangerous driving conditions. In advance, a local chiropractic clinic, The Vital Posture Clinic, is hoping to help prevent injuries from whiplash. Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Scholten, says a simple adjustment to the headrest in your vehicle can make all the difference.

Seventy percent of people injured in a car crash report a soft tissue injury like whiplash and there are two million whiplash injury claims each year in Canada. So, why not try to reduce those numbers by looking at the placement of your headrest.

Dr. Scholten says your head should be as close to the headrest as possible, six centimetres or less away. And your headrest should be as high as it can be, at the top of the head is ideal.

Most people don’t realize how heavy the head is… Dr. Scholten says it weighs between 8 and 16 pounds…so you can imagine how much damage the head and neck muscles can sustain when all that weight is being thrust forward and back. But if your headrest is in the correct position, it can help prevent some of this damaging movement.

The other thing most people don’t realize is that whiplash can occur at very slow speeds. Dr. Scholten says a collision at less than 15 kilometres an hour can do serious damage to the head and neck.

So, Dr. Scholten is encouraging everyone to check the headrest in their vehicle. And once you know how to place your headrest correctly, help someone else with theirs. Visit this website for more information.



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