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Lasik Extra

Leah Sarich | posted Thursday, Oct 2nd, 2014


People who’ve been dependent on glasses or contacts have been choosing Lasik eye surgery to correct their vision for 20 years. And now there’s a new advancement in Lasik eye surgery that can help patients see better longer, it’s called LasikXtra.

LasikXtra is simply an add-on procedure to a basic Lasik eye surgery. With a basic procedure, a laser is used to reshape the cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astimgatism. Basically, an opthamologist will flatten the cornea, use a laser to cut a thin flap in it, pull that flap back, use a laser again to do the vision correction, then put the flap back down. With LasikXtra, before the surgeon puts the flap back down, he’ll put riboflavin onto the eye and then use UV light to activate the riboflavin. This combination of the riboflavin and UV light basically stabilizes the cornea, making it stronger with a process called “cross-linking.” This process locks in the new prescription reducing the chance of touch-ups down the road, it also reduces the risk of certain complication and it gives surgeons more confidence when doing corneas with high corrections.

LasikXtra adds about 3 minutes more surgical time on each eye and costs about 400 dollars more per eye.

If you’re a candidate for Lasik eye surgery, make sure to ask your surgeon if LasikXtra is a good option for you.



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