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Living a Balanced Life

Leah Sarich | posted Wednesday, Sep 25th, 2013

Many of us are challenged by multiple roles in our lives. Wife, mother, employee and more. And it can be very hard to find balance in our lives.

But a new course at the Women’s Health Centre at the Foothills Medical Centre can help us figure out how to do that. It’s called “Living a Balanced Life: Healthy Mind and Healthy Relationships.”  The course is led my Registered Psychologist Milena Meneghetti. She says research shows there are four pillars to leading a balanced life:

– Knowing your strengths

– Having a sense of meaning and purpose

– Learning how to overcome challenges

– Establishing heathy relationships

So why is leading a balanced life so important? Milena says often when we start to feel overwhelmed or depressed it’s because we are focusing on one area of our lives too much, to the detriment of another area. For example, if you are working way too much then you have less time for the other areas of your life that give you peace or support.

Milena says she’s all about helping people make real change in their lives, and she really encourages women to come to the workshop to get some easily applicable real-life strategies to improve their lives.

The workshop is on Thursday September 26th. It’s only 25 dollars.

For more information on this class and all the other amazing courses the Women’s Health Resources offers visit their website.



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